Malala Yousafzai

The Pakistani activist, born in 1997, is the youngest ever Nobel Prize Laureate. Her efforts have focused on the advocacy for female education in some of the provinces of her country, where girls are banned from attending school. Malala’s quest began at the age of eleven, when she wrote a blog under a pseudonym for the BBC, detailing her life under Taliban occupation and their attempts to take control of the Swat Valley, as opposed to her views on promoting education for girls in the region. Her story grasped the interest of New York Times’ correspondent Adam B. Ellick who made a documentary about Yousafzai’s life. Malala found herself at the centre of a media circus, which led her to survive an assassination attempt from the Taliban, which opposed her position on women’s right to education. Since then, she has been a tireless advocate for worldwide access to education, especially for girls. A passionate fighter for the rights of Palestinians, she donated all the money gained from her Nobel prize to help children in Gaza.