Jody Williams

Jody Williams is an American activist who has served as the founding coordinator of the International Campaign to Ban Landmines to pursue her battle against anti-personnel land-mines and her efforts were acknowledged with a Nobel Peace Prize in 1997. Since 2007, Williams has been the Sam and Cele Keeper Professor in Peace and Social Justice in the Graduate College of Social Work at the University of Houston. In the world of academia, she continues to be recognised for her contributions to human rights and global security. Recently Williams’ efforts are focused on the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots, which she helped found in 2013, to persuade members of the U.N. to sign an international treaty banning the use of lethal autonomous weapons. Jody Williams is a life long advocate of freedom, self-determination and human and civil rights. Having lived the ravages of human combat during the Cold War, she constantly struggles to emphasise the importance of peace to be perceived as human security, rather than national security.