Sekh Mujibur Rahman Quotes

Sekh Mujibur Rahman Quotes

“This time the struggle is for our freedom, this time the struggle is for our independence!”

“My greatest strength is the love for my people, my greatest weakness is that I love them too much.”

“I have given you independence, now go and preserve it.”

“Nor did they succeed in hanging me on the gallows, for you rescued me with your blood from the infamous conspiracy case. That day, right here on this racecourse, I had pledged to you that I would pay this debt with my own blood. Do you remember? I am ready today to fulfill that promise!”

“As we have already shed blood, we are ready to shed more blood!”

“Anyone who wishes to stay in Bangladesh will have to talk to Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.”

“As we have already learned how to sacrifice our own lives, now no one can stop us!”

“Yes, but there is a difference. You see, I am a very poor sheikh.”

“If we had remained in Pakistan, it would be a strong country. Again, if India had not been divided in 1947, it would be an even stronger country. But, then, Mr. President, in life do we always get what we desire?”

“The people of East Pakistan will owe it to the million who have died in the cyclone to make the supreme sacrifice of another million lives, if need be, so that we can live as a free people.”

“I am happy with my Bangladesh.”

“You know, they can’t keep me here for more than six months.”

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