Saul Bellow Quotes


Saul Bellow QuotesA novel is balanced between a few true impressions and the multitude of false ones that make up most of what we call life.

A great deal of intelligence can be invested in ignorance when the need for illusion is deep.

Everybody needs his memories. They keep the wolf of insignificance from the door.

You never have to change anything you got up in the middle of the night to write.

People can lose their lives in libraries. They ought to be warned.

Saul Bellow QuotesA man is only as good as what he loves.

When we ask for advice, we are usually looking for an accomplice.

Saul Bellow Quotes

Saul Bellow QuotesWhat is art but a way of seeing?

There are evils that have the ability to survive identification and go on for ever… money, for instance, or war.

Everybody knows there is no fineness or accuracy of suppression; if you hold down one thing, you hold down the adjoining.

Saul Bellow Quotes

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