Novalis Quotes

Novalis Quotes

Novalis Quotes

Novalis QuotesPoetry heals the wounds inflicted by reason.

Learning is pleasurable but doing is the height of enjoyment.

Only as far as a man is happily married to himself is he fit for married life and family life in general.Novalis Quotes
Novalis QuotesPhilosophy is properly home-sickness; the wish to be everywhere at home.

Where children are, there is the golden age.

Every beloved object is the center point of a paradise.

A hero is one who knows how to hang on one minute longer.

Novalis Quotes
Novalis QuotesThe artist belongs to his work, not the work to the artist.

We are near waking when we dream we are dreaming.

To become properly acquainted with a truth, we must first have disbelieved it, and disputed against it.

Novalis Quotes  

Novalis Quotes

     Novalis Quotes   Novalis Quotes

Novalis Quotes

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