Jose Ortega y Gasset Quotes

Jose Ortega y Gasset Quotes

Jose Ortega y Gasset QuotesTell me to what you pay attention and I will tell you who you are.

Excellence means when a man or woman asks of himself more than others do.

Life is a series of collisions with the future; it is not the sum of what we have been, but what we yearn to be.

Jose Ortega y Gasset QuotesEffort is only effort when it begins to hurt.

Love is that splendid triggering of human vitality the supreme activity which nature affords anyone for going out of himself toward someone else.

To be surprised, to wonder, is to begin to understand.

We do not live to think, but, on the contrary, we think in order that we may succeed in surviving.

Jose Ortega y Gasset Quotes

Jose Ortega y Gasset QuotesAn ‘unemployed’ existence is a worse negation of life than death itself.

Living is a constant process of deciding what we are going to do.

The poet begins where the man ends. The man’s lot is to live his human life, the poet’s to invent what is nonexistent.

Jose Ortega y Gasset Quotes

Jose Ortega y Gasset Quotes

Jose Ortega y Gasset Quotes  Jose Ortega y Gasset Quotes

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