Jessica Lange Quotes

Jessica Lange Quotes

Jessica Lange Quote

Acceptance and tolerance and forgiveness, those are life-altering lessons.

I worked on my voice for Sweet Dreams, but only to match my speaking voice to Patsy’s actual singing voice. That was my way into that character.

For me, nothing has ever taken precedence over being a mother and having a family and a home.

I am tortured when I am away from my family, from my children. I am horribly guilt-ridden.

Families survive, one way or another. You have a tie, a connection that exists long after death, through many lifetimes.


Jessica Lange QuotesAt a certain age, death becomes familiar to you-or a loss becomes familiar-the tragedies that are more commonplace in life.

TV is sort of the only way to go for an actress my age to make a decent salary; with independent films, you just can’t.

I’ve been thinking a lot about next year, which will be the first time in 25 years that I don’t have a child at home.

When I am home for like a two-year stretch, I get antsy, because I want to work.

To my mind the election was stolen by George Bush and we have been suffering ever since under this man’s leadership.

Jessica Lange Quotes

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