Evita Peron Quotes

Evita Peron Quotes

Evita Peron QuotesTime is my greatest enemy.

My biggest fear in life is to be forgotten.

When the rich think about the poor, they have poor ideas.

Evita Peron QuotesI demanded more rights for women because I know what women had to put up with.

I know that, like every woman of the people, I have more strength than I appear to have.

Charity separates the rich from the poor; aid raises the needy and sets him on the same level with the rich.

One cannot accomplish anything without fanatacism.

If I have to apply five turns to the screw each day for the happiness of Argentina, I will do it.

Keeping books on social aid is capitalistic nonsense. I just use the money for the poor. I can’t stop to count it.

Evita Peron Quotes  Evita Peron Quotes

Evita Peron Quotes      Evita Peron Quotes

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