Edward de Bono Quotes

Edward de Bono Quotes

If you never change your mind, why have one?

Humor is by far the most significant activity of the human brain.

A memory is what is left when something happens and does not completely unhappen.
Edward de Bono QuotesAn expert is someone who has succeeded in making decisions and judgements simpler through knowing what to pay attention to and what to ignore.

An idea that is developed and put into action is more important than an idea that exists only as an idea.

We need creativity in order to break free from the temporary structures that have been set up by a particular sequence of experience.

If you wait for opportunities to occur, you will be one of the crowd.

Edward de Bono QuotesUnhappiness is best defined as the difference between our talents and our expectations.

Most of the mistakes in thinking are inadequacies of perception rather than mistakes of logic.

Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way.

Edward de Bono Quotes

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