Christian Morgenstern Quotes

Christian Morgenstern

There are often some hundred times, a thousand times, before you can really see it for the first time.

Christian Morgenstern QuotesEnthusiasm is the most beautiful word on earth.

Humor is the contemplation of the finite from the point of view of the infinite.

The first principle of child-rearing is to choose a good mother.

If modern civilization man had to kill the animals he eats, the number of vegetarians would rise astronomically.

You are not at home where your residence are but where you are understood.

To me, the term ‘middle-class’ connotes a safe, comfortable, middle-of-the road policy. Above all, our language is ‘middle-class’ in the middle of our road. To drive it to one side or the other or even off the road, is the noblest task of the future.

Often I am struck in amazement about a word: I suddenly realize that the complete arbitrariness of our language is but a part of the arbitrariness of our own world in general.

If I did not love what is present, if I could not cling to this enormous, safe parachute, I would long since have fallen into the abyss.

For me, there is only one means of ensuring that I do not lose respect for myself: constant criticism.

Christian Morgenstern QuotesA poet must have died as a man before he is worth anything as a poet.

A true artist never portrays to please, but to show.

In every work of art, the artist himself is present.

My method is to find a word with a gesture.

Chess truly uncovers whether or not someone has imagination and takes initiative.

It is one of the oddest things in the world that you can read a page or more and think of something utterly different.

There is a ghost That eats hankerchiefs; It keeps you company On all your travels.

Christian Morgenstern Quotes

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