Bernie Sanders Quotes

Bernie Sanders Quotes

I believe when we stand together, when we share the vision that government should work for all of us, there is nothing we can’t accomplish.

Citizens in a democracy need diverse sources of news and information.

Even the alternative weekly newspapers, traditionally a bastion of progressive thought and analysis, have been bought by a monopoly franchise and made a predictable shift to the right in their coverage of local news.

I’m not much into speculation.

People in American jails are disproportionately people of color. That’s the reality in America today. That’s a reality that has to change.

You can have a different point of view on immigration or anything else, but we cannot be attacking people because of their religion.

We must not accept a nation in which billionaires compete as to the size of their super-yachts, while children in America go hungry.

This looks to me like a group of people who are prepared to make a political revolution.

It’s unacceptable that millions of college graduates can’t afford to buy their first home or car because of outrageously high student debt.

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